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I teach Bel Canto Style, Garcia/Marchesi Method vocal production which lends itself to every style and genre of music. My goal is to help you find your complete unmanipulated voice by effectively using your breath to support your sound, thereby creating a foundation where singing and supporting/projecting your voice is second nature and easy!

I am a supportive ally who works holistically with each student at their own individual level and pace. We’ll work on breathing deeply and singing in a line completely supported and connected.  I have effectively helped many students with matching pitch, singing intervals and learning the basics of reading music, which I highly recommend! I have also helped transgendered students work through hormonal changes in their voices and welcome All who truly want to learn how to make intelligent choices, be healthy and sing / speak with all of your natural voice with confidence and ease.

For those of you with children or young adults who would like to begin training to be a healthy, confident singer/speaker ~ if you cannot commit to my private studio, I also teach at High Five Music Academy in Concord: They will have reduced rates and reduced times. This is for children and young adults only, please. 

I also coach performance techniques, public speaking with ease and power, mic technique, video performance and stage presence.  If you sing on stage in musical theatre, karaoke, with a band or just want to brush up for an audition or church solo, I would love to work with you! I have decades of professional experience in a wide variety of genres and can teach you how to get the job done, get it done well and have a healthy, strong voice that doesn’t tire. 

Deborah DelMastro is an amazing voice instructor! Her teaching technique helped me to greatly improve my voice clarity and projection. She has helped me to gain much more confidence in my singing.
— Jessica A.
Deborah is a wonderful, supportive vocal coach that exceeds expectations. She is sensitive to your specific needs and possesses the skills and knowledge to allow her students to achieve their full potential.
— Kelvin Doo, Production Manager at Oregon Fringe Festival
“I’ve been working with Deborah every week for the past three years and she has made an overwhelming difference in my singing. Deborah is incredibly knowledgable, encouraging, and patient as she leads her students through a technique that is transformative for singers of any level. It’s hard, focused work- but absolutely the highlight of my week! I am so grateful to Deborah for how she has helped me grow as a singer and a performer.”

— Dan Ashley, News Broadcaster, lead singer of PUSH
“Deborah is an excellent vocal mentor and has committed her life to the practice of producing beautiful, natural singing, both as a performer and a coach. Coupled with her wealth of knowledge regarding the time-tested “bel canto” school of vocal production, her endless supply of encouragement and patience allows one to leave all previous baggage and hurtful experiences behind and set out on a great journey of discovering one’s own voice. She can help build one’s vocal structure from the ground up as well as help heal, repair and restore voices with any kind of “history.” I can’t say enough about how she has helped me unlock inner potential. Bless you!”
— Paul K.
“Deb has been my vocal instructor for over a year and I have grown immensely under her tutelage. She is awesome and so beyond capable as an instructor, gifted as a singer and a super talented performer and innovator!! I can’t recommend the teacher or the human enough!”
— Lesley Stiles
Deborah is terrifically talented, and a master at communicating the technical and challenging concepts of vocal instruction in a gentle, but clear way...She’s a teacher and coach who can find the motivational triggers that are personally unique to you, and will encourage you to be your best.
— Steve Roberts (former/founding member of Fleetwood Mask)

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Vocal Samples

by Deborah Del Mastro

Preview samples of my vocal work here >>

Here's a little bit of everything: a full commercial audition, a live band performance, a quick recording with a jazz trio, Italian Opera and 2 Originals where I sang lead and background. Enjoy!

Deborah Del Mastro, Nunsense's Sister Robert Anne sings with The Mixed Nuts Band for just one tune on New Year's Eve 2010.

David Edwards as Tevye in Meshuggah-Nuns at WBT! With funny nuns, Deborah DelMastro and Bonnie Lee.


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